OggTube, please

Today, Hub was pointing to this blog entry. As I understand, it basically means that soon, people will be able to read Ogg/Theora audio/video content in their Mozilla based browsers, whatever the underlying Operating System is. In one word WOOOOOOT! So now, could some ubercool web developer stand up and provide us with a server that would allow people to share Ogg/Theora based videos ? Because if anything else, I am fed up with having all these videos around the web, available in flash only, just because the big players don't want to distribute Ogg/Theora. What would be really nice is to have access to the code of a so called OggTube server that I could install and host on my own machine to share content with my friends. If I really have more friends than bandwidth, I guess someone will come up with a decent infrastructure to host it for me. After all, everyone wants to sell ads these days.