GNU Hackers Meeting 2011 in Paris

In case you are in the Paris area and don't know already, there is a a

GNU Hackers Meeting event being held from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th

August, 2011 at IRILL If you are a GNU user, enthusiast, or

contributor of any kind, feel free to come. I guess you can still

drop an email to

For folks around on Wednesday (yeah, that's tomorrow), we are having a

dinner around 8 PM at the Mussuwam, a Senegalese restaurant in Paris, near Place

d'Italie. When you get there, just give them the secret password

(which is 'GNU') and they'll show you were the rest of the crowd sits.

Be sure to keep that password secret though. No one else should be in

the know.

Happy hacking and I hope to see you guys there.